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Covid-19 Risk Assessment for The Tin Pot B&B

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This Risk Assessment has been carried out following the guidelines on the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) web site


Assessment carried out by: Joanna Barnes, Tin Pot B&B, 33 Gustard Wood, Wheathampstead, St Albans, AL4 8RR

Date assessment completed: 27th June 2020


Potential Hazards

1.  Contamination of the site by guests/staff who are asymptomatic or who develop symptoms whilst in situ.

2.  Transmission of the virus between guests and staff.

3.  Cleaning processes 

4.  Transmission of the virus to staff after guest’s departure.


Who might be harmed and how?

All potential hazards may harm guests, staff, subsequent guests, guest’s contacts, maintenance contractors and the local population. They may be harmed by becoming infected with Covid -19 from a contaminated environment or by airborne droplet infection.


Actions to Control Risk

What we expect from our guests

  1. Anyone who is exhibiting symptoms or who has any reason to believe that they may have come into contact with the virus up to 14 days prior to their booking must follow the Government instruction to self-isolate and follow NHS guidelines. Therefore, they should not arrive at the Tin Pot B&B.

  2. In the event of a local lock down in your area we will ask you not to come to the property.

  3. Anyone in one of the vulnerable groups identified by the Government should follow the Government guidance applicable to them at the time. 

  4. If guests develop symptoms during their stay, they must immediately self-isolate in their room and phone the owner on the telephone numbers provided in your room.  Guests must make immediate plans to return home. As there may be a time delay in obtaining a test by phoning 111, it may be preferable for the guest to do this from their own home. Guests would be responsible for organising their own transport home and would be liable for any costs incurred from an extended stay.

  5. Guests must follow guidelines on social distancing and must remain 2m apart indoors – signage is up to remind you.

  6.  We ask that a registration form is completed – please include the ‘next destination’ box in case contact tracing is required.

  7. On check out, please pay by bank transfer or by placing cash or cheque in the envelope provided.

  8. A breakfast basket (if required) will be provided in your unit prior to your arrival.  We will ask you to pre-order before arrival.

  9. Guests are asked to be aware of people leaving the other units if occupied and stand back to avoid breaching the 2m rule social distancing rule.

  10. If you need to speak with the owner during your stay, please ring the back door doorbell or ring the telephone numbers provided in your room.

  11. It will not be possible to service your room during your stay. We ask that rubbish bags, recycling and towels if need changing be left outside your door.

  12. It is important that the rooms are ventilated so please where possible leave the window open when leaving your room.

  13. Should a guest become unwell or show any signs of Covid-19 after leaving the B&B, they will need to contact the B&B immediately to report this. 

What we at the B&B will be doing to minimise risk of infection

  1. The owner will social distance from guests during welcoming and at check out (and may wear a face covering). 

  2. The owner will test twice weekly using lateral flow test.

  3. If an outbreak occurred at the B&B, or if the owner became symptomatic, bookings may need to be cancelled at short notice.    

  4. If an outbreak occurred at the B&B, we will pass your details onto Track and Trace for further investigation.

  5. We will leave 72 hours between bookings and ensure cleaning and disinfection of the highest standard is carried out.

  6. We will clean all surfaces and touch points with a household detergent followed by disinfection with an appropriate antiviral agent that meets BS EN 1276 and BS EN 14476.  Disinfectant will be left in contact with surfaces for the recommended time.

  7. Linen will be removed and bagged, taking care not to shake to disperse dust particles and not placed on the floor or other surfaces.

  8. All cleaning must be wet cleaning, with no dry dusting or sweeping.

  9. We will change and launder all mattress and pillow protectors between guests.

  10. Rubbish will be double bagged and placed in normal waste.  In the event of a suspected case, rubbish will be double bagged and left for 72 hours before putting in normal waste.

  11. If suspected case, linen and towels will be sealed in red water-soluble bags and left for 72 hours before laundering (within bags).

  12. Cleaner will wear disposable gloves and apron and, if a suspected case, face covering and visor.

  13. To reduce areas of contamination, all unnecessary items such as ornaments, flowers and cushions will be removed.

  14. If you would like, we can still provide teas, coffees etc, these will be placed in your rooms at the start of your stay, any unused items will be put aside for 7 days. A new set will be provided new incoming guests.

  15. We will ventilate rooms between guests (where possible).


This Assessment will be operational from the start of business 4th July 2020 and be reviewed by Joanna Barnes in accordance with Government guidelines.

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